Episode 186: The Pixel 3 Ten L

Join James Croft, Raj Deut, and Anthony Agius on a big week in tech news. We got Google, doing Googley things. Releasing phones. Home hubs. Shutting stuff down. Supply chains are getting hacked. Or maybe not. We’re not sure. We got Intel, adding another lake to their collection of lakes. Cannon Lake. Coffee Lake. Ice Lake. Why do they hunger for lakes? Will there be any other lakes left for our future generations or will they all be processors? We got xCloud, a stream-gaming service that works on the premise that your internet isn’t a pile of doodie. And Surface. I’ve recently been reviewing horizontal surfaces. I gotta tell you – they’re great when you need a flat plane in 3D space to rest a beverage on. Would recommend.

Google Event 

Facebook Portal

Google Plus shutting down

Bloomberg’s big report into tiny hack chips that may not exist

Intel’s 9th gen processors

Microsoft xCloud

Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop