Episode 171: A Look Back on 2017

Category: Podcast

Join James Croft, Anthony Agius and Raj Deut as we look back on 2017.

iPhone 10 year unveiling anniversary (Jan)
NBN’s CEO reckons nobody needs gigabit (Feb)
ACCC tells banks they can’t form a cartel against Apple Pay (March)
TPG 4G Network announced (April)
Bitcoin hits all time high (May) US$1760.40
Brandis/Turnbull backdoor into encrypted communications (June)
Buy Medicare details for $30 a pop (July)
Comm Bank ATM’s money laundering (Aug)
Australia’s space agency (September)
iPhones 8, X and Pixel 2 (October)
Telsa Semis and Roadster 2 (November)
Amazon launches in Australia (December)