Ebay threatens to block Australia over proposed GST collection laws


Ebay may block Australians from buying overseas goods on its platform rather than try to collect GST on those purchases and remit it to Australia.

Vice president and managing director of A/NZ operations Jooman Park told a senate committee examining the so-called ‘Amazon tax’ that the government’s plans were “complex, inconsistent [and] unworkable”.

Yes it’s likely a hollow threat but it does highlight how difficult/ridiculous implementing what the government is proposing is going to be.

The ironic thing here is that the person making the threat would essentially be making themself redundant if implemented. Well, mostly.

Source: Ebay threatens to block Aussies from global purchases – Finance – Software – iTnews

Samsung Galaxy S8 reviews are in…

Peter Wells @ SMH:

Despite being the No.1 handset maker in the world, when it comes to public perception Samsung has always found itself in Apple’s shadow. Right or wrong, Samsung has been seen as the follower to Apple’s innovator. With the Galaxy S8, this perception deserves to change. The Galaxy S8 is a smartphone unlike anything from Apple, or anyone else for that matter – a bold, beautiful design, with just one major flaw.

Spoiler alert: The flaw is the where they’ve haphazardly positioned the fingerprint sensor. Sounds like more proof it was an after-thought in not being able to get it under the screen as Apple are rumoured to be trying to do.


Chris Rowland @ Ausdroid:

There’s no doubt in my mind that the Galaxy S8 is a great phone. It’s powerful, it’s fast, it looks and feels great, it does everything that you could expect a phone to do, with a great camera, and a battery that’ll last a full day for most people. It shows that this is the eighth phone in Samsung’s Galaxy S line, and as someone who’s used every phone in the range, Samsung’s experience and knowledge shows through.


Alex Kidman @

Samsung’s pitch for the Galaxy S8 as being “revolutionary” doesn’t entirely ring true, partly because this is just a smartphone at its heart, and partly because it’s a rather logical conclusion point for its current design language. […]

The Galaxy S8 is a seriously sexy looking handset that backs up those good looks with plenty of power, both in a processing sense and in terms of its overall battery life. It’s the complete package, and easily the best phone we’ve tested in 2017 so far.

Review: Beats Powerbeats3

Beats by Dre’s Powerbeats3 wireless earbuds are one of only a handful available today that includes Apple’s hassle-free-connection W1 chip. Out of those it’s the only one who’s design includes around the ear support, which is a godsend for those constantly battling with earbuds that never quite fit and for more active folk running or working out at the gym.

To look at the Powerbeats3 are almost identical to that of its predecessor the Powersbeats2. There are some subtle differences in colouring and shape here and there but you’d be hard pressed to notice.

Internally though, there’s little that remains the same. New twin drivers along with a vastly improved battery life going from six to twelve hours and of course the aforementioned W1 chip go a long way to seperate the Powerbeats3 from their past.

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Tomorrow is national ‘Get a VPN Day’

April 13. Mark it down in your calendars — it’s “National Get a VPN Day.”

Privacy advocate group Digital Rights Watch is calling on all Australians to hide the trail they leave behind online, as Australia’s mandatory data retention scheme comes into effect.

As of tomorrow your ISP is required, by law, to begin collecting every bit of metadata about you and your internet activities for the government to call upon as they may.

If you’re looking for a good resource for researching what VPN service may suit your needs best I highly recommend you check out TorrentFreak’s VPN roundup here.

Source: Happy ‘National Get a VPN Day’ — data retention is official – CNET

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will be available August 23rd


From the critically acclaimed developer, Naughty Dog, comes the first standalone adventure in the Uncharted series. Chloe Frazer must enlist the aid of renowned mercenary Nadine Ross in order to recover a fabled ancient Indian artifact and keep it out of the hands of a ruthless war profiteer.

Uncharted: the Lost Legacy comes exclusively to PS4 on 23rd August 2017. Preorder now:

This is no DLC/expansion pack for Uncharted 4 folks. This new “adventure” is a fully fledged digital title that by all reports has over 10 hours of solid gameplay.

At A$54.95 it would want to be too! That’s more than a lot of triple-A releases are when you buy from big retail brick & mortars.


TPG & Vodafone buy the last of Australia’s available 4G spectrum


Last year the Federal Government announced it would be auctioning off two 15 MHz lots of the 700 MHz spectrum, used to provide 4G mobile broadband. Today, the w
inning bids for the auction have been announced, with TPG and Vodafone snapping it up.

TPG picked up two lots of 10 MHz for $1,260,161,000 (that’s $2.75/MHz/pop) and Vodafone bought two lots of five MHz for $285,907,000 (at the reserve price of $1.25/MHz/pop).

Welcome to the wireless game TPG.

On another note it’s good to see Voda stay true to their promise. The new spectrum purchase should, in a large way, help improve their current network reliability and congestion.

Source: TPG And Vodafone Just Bought The Last Of The 700MHz Spectrum For $1.5 Billion | Gizmodo Australia