Review: Buttons

Black Eyed Peas front man likes to think of himself as a bit of a technology auteur. His own website describes him as being “an idea generator” and someone who is on the “frontier of interactive technology” . The sad reality is that everything, up until this point, that has been born from the idea generator’s mind has amounted to nothing more than a giant, steaming pile of — and I’m being quite polite here — shite. Continue reading

Steam Link is now available on Samsung TVs

Got a Samsung TV from 2016 or earlier? Good news: you can now stream Steam games direct through the TV, without having to have a second PC or Steam Link connected.

A Steam Link app has been released for Samsung 2016 and 2017 TVs through their Smart Hub app store. You’ll need to update your TV firmware as well, but once you’ve done that you can download the app and start streaming games from your laptop or gaming PC.

For the uninitiated Steam Link is normally a little box Valve sell that you plug into your TV. The box then allows you to stream from your PC running Steam to your living room or wherever your big screen is, bedroom, toilet? Sure why not.

Anywho, now Samsung have come to the party and released an app which does the same thing and does away with the need of the added hardware (always nice).

As the Kotatku AU piece goes on to mention, you’ll want to use an ethernet connection for the game to play half decently. Even with solid 802.11ac Wi-Fi my experience with Steam Link has been lack lustre.

Source: You Can Download Steam Link On Your Samsung TVs Now | Kotaku Australia

Virgin to offer Wi-Fi on all domestic & international flights by 2020

Virgin Australia has announced the rollout of in-flight Wi-Fi on more than 90 percent of its domestic and international aircraft.

Virgin said it plans to equip most of its Boeing 737 and all of its Boeing 777 aircraft with satellite technology by the end of 2018, while the fit-out of its Airbus A330s will be complete by the second half of 2019.

Virgin, just like Qantas, maintains they will offer Wi-Fi free of charge for domestic flights. Virgin CEO John Borghetti said that customers can look forward to enjoying “a basic level of free Wi-Fi”.

Internationally, Virgin will offer a two-tiered pricing structure for access. The main differentiator being speed.

For the moment Virgin are tight lipped over exactly what speeds we can expect from their tiered service. Qantas’ & ViaSat’s recent in-air trials ranged from 2-7Mbps down, far from setting any speed records. Virgin however are partnered with Optus for their supplier whom have more satellites in the air than any other provider in the Australian/New Zealand region.

Source: Virgin Australia switching on Wi-Fi for domestic and international flights | ZDNet

Valve shock everyone with teaser trailer for new game Artifact

Artifact – The Dota Card Game

Holy shit Valve are making a NEW GAME!!!!!

Oh FFS, it’s another fucking CCG (Collectible Card Game).

That’s pretty much everyones immediate excitement and disappointment re-enacted for you right there.

The 34 second logo-spin teaser reveals zero about what’s coming beyond it being a CCG based on the extremely lucrative DOTA franchise.

Valve are looking to replicate the obvious success of Blizzard’s Hearthstone whilst taping into the dominant Steam Marketplace.

Understand why they’re doing it, but like many I imagine, couldn’t be more disappointed.

Disney cuts ties with Netflix as it preps for the launch of its own streaming service in 2019

Disney has just announced plans to end its distribution agreement with Netflix in 2019, instead opting to launch its own streaming service sometime during that same year.

The announcement came as part of some takeover news: Disney is paying $1.48 billion to acquire another 42 percent of BAMTech — a company that exists under the Major League Baseball umbrella — in addition to the 33 percent stake it bought for $1 billion last year. This gives Disney the majority controlling stake of BAMTech.

The writing’s been on the wall for a while with this one.

BAMTech, which Disney has bought into and will (after regulatory approval) now own 75% of, streams every major sport on the planet. They’re a behemoth of the streaming world and will now turn their hand at streaming one of the world’s largest studios’ content.

Interestingly, as noted on Recode, Bob Iger (Disney CEO) has since commented that the new service will definitely encompass both upcoming and back-catalogue Disney & Pixar films but may not include sub-studio content from the likes of Marvel & the Star Wars franchise stating:

We’ve also thought about including Marvel and Star Wars as part of the Disney branded service, but there we want to be mindful of the Star Wars fan and the Marvel fan and to what extent those fans are either overlapped with Disney fans or they’re completely basically separate incremental to Disney fans. So it’s all in discussion

Source: Disney is ditching Netflix in 2019 to launch its own streaming service | TechCrunch

New scare campaign from the NYC Hotel Association blames Airbnb for enabling terrorism

The disputes between Airbnb and the hotel industry continue to be an ongoing battle, but things escalated last week when an ad campaign backed by the Hotel Association of New York City suggested that short-term rentals could be used to host terrorists like Salman Abedi, the bomber behind the Manchester attack in May.

The advert asks “Who’s in your building?” and makes reference to large packages that were delivered to the Manchester bomber’s rented accommodation.

The main flaw in their argument, the property rented by Abedi wasn’t through Airbnb, instead the scare campaign rightfully states it being rented through “a local online retailer”.

Source: NYC hotel industry claims Airbnbs are enabling terrorists – The Verge

Shop at Woolies? Check your bank account


A Woolworths payment system error has angered customers around Australia after it generated duplicate charges for transactions made at various stores in March.

Essentially if you bought something using a debit or eftpos card on March 11th, 12th or 13th this year there’s a very high chance you were charged for that exact amount overnight.

Go check your bank accounts people. I super rarely shop at Woolies but it turns out I did on March 11th and whamo they’ve double dipped from my account.

Woolworths are pointing the finger directly at their payment processors, Cuscal.

Source: Woolworths system error duplicates historic charges to customers