Biggest IT Job Trends in Australia Right Now

The job market is rapidly changing. Jobs in IT are becoming ever more popular, with the millennial generation completely changing up the world of work for the future. With so many new and different job types popping up, we are now saying goodbye to paper offices and bringing in paperless ways of working in many organisations.

Increases in tech and software mean many people are now training to go into specific positions as they will remain relevant, not only now but years into the future.

So what are the biggest IT job trends right now in Australia? We take a look at 4 of the biggest job trends in 2018.

Software Developer

Software developers, also known as computer programmers, play a key role in the overall design, installation, testing and maintenance of an organisations software systems. The programs which you create are guaranteed to help businesses to become more efficient and therefore provide a better service to their customers. 

Not everyone is skilled in software development, and these individuals are highly sought after in many new companies, especially in the startup world. The average salary for a software developer can be anywhere from a starting salary of $20,830 up to $70,000 as an expert. In this position, individuals can be expected to work 37-40 hours a week. 

Cloud Architect

Cloud architects are in charge of overseeing the organisation’s cloud computing strategy, and are mainly responsible for the deploying, supporting and managing cloud applications. Cloud architects generally have a strong understanding of a variety of operating systems in addition to networking, programming and also security skills. Cloud architects can make from $87,500 to $236,000 depending on their skills. 

Data Scientist

Data scientists are the individuals who help an organisation to gather, process and finally analyze data. They are usually well-skilled in communication their findings and providing suitable recommendations to others within the business. Data scientists can earn from a starting salary of $30k to $72k. 

Full-stack Developer

Full-stack developers are those individuals who understand every level of software development. They understand key elements of development, including servers, networks, website hosting, relational and non-relational databases, UX & UI design, security and a lot more. They are therefore sought after for working for both business and customer requirements. The average full-stack developer salary can be anywhere up to $150,000 per year.

If you are keen to put your CV at the forefront of employers’ choice, then perhaps an online Masters in Data Science could help to get you there. Studying such a course could really give you an edge over the competition, and give you the confidence you need to properly succeed in your preferred tech role.

To Summarize

Tech jobs are on the rise, and many organisations are hiring more than one specialist in their companies. Therefore, if you are after a career in tech, now is the time to get working and train yourself to be the best choice possible!