YouTube Red launches with subscription based ad-free & offline viewing

For $9.99 a month subscribers get to watch videos ad-free, save videos to watch offline, and keep videos running in the background while they use other apps or power down their screen. Subscribers also get access to YouTube’s existing streaming music service, Play Music. Last but not least, YouTube is creating a bunch of new “Original” series that you can only watch behind the paywall.

Don’t get too excited. It’s US only (for now). Booooooo!

In terms of “Original” content they of course mention golden YouTuber PewDiePie who’s producing a new horror series? Yikes. Pass.

US$10/month seems a bit high to me but that covers their music service also. I can’t justify A$15+/month for it though. Would you?

Source: An inside look at YouTube’s new ad-free subscription service

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