YouTube announces new VR180 video format

…we’ve been working with Google’s Daydream team on a brand new video format, called VR180, that we believe will make VR content even easier to create.

VR180 video focuses on what’s in front of you, are high resolution, and look great on desktop and on mobile. They transition seamlessly to a VR experience when viewed with Cardboard, Daydream, and PSVR, which allow you to view the images stereoscopically in 3-D, where near things look near, and far things appear far. VR180 also supports livestreaming videos so creators and fans can be together in real time.

180 makes so much more sense from a viewing perspective than 360 in my opinion. No one wants to watch a produced show where they can see the people and lights around them making it.

Imagine future TV/screens that incorporate eye tracking and move the display to focus on what’s off to the side.

YouTube are working with hardware providers to develop new cameras at the moment, but I think this could be a winner.

Source: Official YouTube Blog: The world as you see it with VR180