Yelp Now Allowing Reviews from Mobile App

Yelp Official Blog:

These days, many people are interacting with Yelp solely through their mobile device. Which is why we’re introducing the ability to write and publish reviews on mobile! Yelpers can now contribute their useful, funny and cool reviews directly from their Yelp mobile application (available today on iOS and coming soon to Android).

I’m not totally convinced this is the right move for review quality, but it’s definitely a necessary step if they want to stay relevant (doubly so in Australia).

As Yelp themselves say, many people use Yelp solely on their phone, and right now those people are 2nd-class citizens. This change puts everyone back on level footing.

Here’s the big question for me; how do they manage what constitutes a tip vs. a review? They describe a few examples in the linked blog post, but I still think it’s a grey area and will be confusing for users.