Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha is bonkers-crazy in the best way

The “surround screen” on the Alpha wraps entirely around the device to the point where it meets the camera module on the other side.

The Xiami Mi Mix Alpha has been described as a “concept smartphone” It’s expected to go into a very small production run around December and will set you back around US$2,800.

It’s nuts, the wrap around screen looks crazy and replacing it would be virtually impossible when you crack it but hey look at this cool animation of it charging!

Xiamo Mi Mix Alpha charging

Just wait until we have under screen camera’s and there’s zero need for anything to not be the display. All those sci-fi shows where people walk around with translucent pieces of plastic as phones, well that’s not far off!


Source: Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha is almost entirely made of screen – The Verge

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