Xiaomi are releasing a transparent OLED TV

As a part of their 10th anniversary celebrations Xiaomi have announced the world’s first mass-produced transparent OLED TV; the Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition.

The US$7,000 (RMB 49,999) 55″ TV does away with its back panel, removing any blockers from the transparent OLED (TOLED) pixels.

The “brains” of the panel instead sit in a rather large circular base, which along with a soundbar of sorts appear melded with the TV’s 5.7mm thick frame.

Transparent OLEDs have been shown off before, but have somewhat underdelivered with a grey tone obscuring what is designed to be clearly visible on the other side.

Unsure of whom this TV is for, I can’t personally say I’m after a giant piece of transparent glass on a stand that any matter or animal or child could easily just jump straight through.

If these ever were to go on sale in Australia I’m sure our nanny-state would require them to have stickers put along them to show people they’re about to walk into glass, not unlike a balcony door.

For now we don’t have to worry though. The Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition will only be available in China to begin with. Pre-orders beginning August 16th.

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