Xbox One’s Peggle 2

I was pretty excited to hear the long-awaited sequel for Peggle was nearly upon us. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm hit a brick wall when I learned the game is an Xbox One exclusive (at least for now). The pain doesn’t stop there though. Here’s Jeffrey Grubb at VentureBeat:

Peggle 2 on Xbox One has graphical issues. On at least a handful of levels, the framerate takes a huge dive. This isn’t some 3D-intensive first-person shooter. Peggle 2 is still just a 2D physics-based puzzler with the occasional particle effect. Regardless, PopCap must have still struggled to optimize it for Microsoft’s latest console.

…and this:

I was pretty excited to play Peggle 2 with my wife. Unfortunately, to accomplish that, I’d need to buy her another Xbox One or send her to a friend’s house. The title features online play, but you can’t pass the controller or play locally.

Ick. Well, here’s hoping the inevitable iOS/Steam versions are a bit more polished.