Windows Mobile Is Really Really Properly Dead This Time

Zac Bowden at Windows Central, summarising a number of candid tweets from Joe Belfiore over the weekend about the future of Windows Mobile:

In case the lack of new phones or software updates didn’t already clue you in, Microsoft has shut down any efforts to keep Windows Mobile 10 alive. On Twitter, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Windows Joe Belfiore stated that the company is no longer actively developing new features or hardware for the platform, and that he has even switched over to an Android phone for his personal mobile needs.

I mean, we all knew that Windows Mobile was on the way out, but I thought this admission from Belfiore was particularly interesting.

So now we know that Microsoft couldn’t buy their way OR code their way into creating a vibrant app ecosystem on mobile. Companies with apps really needed a compelling reason to invest themselves, or eventually it all just falls apart.

Makes me wonder if the same thing is eventually going to happen with the Windows Store…

Source: Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore says Windows 10 Mobile features and hardware are no longer a focus | Windows Central