Windows 8.1 launches today

Tom Warren for The Verge:

Microsoft has achieved a lot within 12 months, even if a lot of the additions feel like they should have been there from the very start with Windows 8.

I think the system-level SkyDrive integration is a really nice feature, and I hope OS X follows suit on that with iCloud. The new additions of iCloud Keychain in Mavericks are nice but it doesn’t go far enough, in my opinion.

I’m also glad Skype is finally baked-in by default too. Slowly, slowly, Windows is edging toward a more cohesive experience for their consumers. Though I must say; I use Windows 8 day-to-day on a desktop machine with keyboard and mouse, and I feel like there’s not a heap in 8.1 that I’ll ever make use of. Alex Kidman from Fat Duck Tech has more on the installation process if you’re that way inclined.

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