Why do the current iOS game controllers suck?

Jordan Kahn for 9to5Mac:

The launch for the first few controllers to hit the market was rushed, developers are disappointed and still trying to catch up, and manufacturers are limited in pricing, features, and quality due to Apple’s MFi program requirements. What does Apple have to do to overcome a rocky start to its game controller program which is supposed to control quality? And how are manufacturers limited by Apple in building better controllers at a fair price? We’ve dug into Apple’s MFi program and talked to developers and companies building the controllers to find out…

A laundry list of things that need to be addressed here, including price, component supplier approval, quality control, developer confidence in the current experience & this little gem:

There are other limitations of the program as well. For instance, the d-pads must be one circular button, opposed to just a raised cross shape or separate buttons for up, down, right, and left that you find on PlayStation and Xbox controllers and that many gamers prefer.

Ugh, round d-pads are a part of the spec? But… they’re the worst! The worst!