What to expect from tomorrow’s WWDC keynote

Despite speculation about Apple refreshing nearly everything in its lineup, AppleInsider still expects the event to be mostly focused on software. But, density of rumors surrounding product refreshes and possibly a new product are greater than that in previous years.

It kicks off tomorrow morning for us Aussies in the glorious wee hours of the night. 3am to be exact.

As with any WWDC, expect most of the news to be software focused with the likely exception being the introduction of Apple’s own “smart-speaker”.

Other hardware rumbles include a refresh to the MacBook lineup and a new iPad Pro but Apple may choose to hold their own controlled events for these at a later date as they’ve done in the past.

We’ll know for sure tomorrow. Will you be up at 3am?!

Source: WWDC 2017 keynote rumors: What to expect from Apple — and what not to