What Does An Improved Android Wear Look Like?

Jason Murray at Ausdroid:

Google’s due to deliver a big update to Android Wear in the coming weeks, supposedly bringing it up to the Android L code base and adding a number of new features like GPS and Bluetooth audio support.

With that in mind, I thought it was time to highlight some things I’d like to see tackled in Google’s nascent wearable operating system – hopefully before it starts to grow too big.

Really enjoyed this. It’s obvious Jason digs the concept of a wearable and is using his watch every day, but there’s still a big list of low-hanging fruit to fix.

I got a feeling in 8-10 months we’ll be penning the “What I want to see in an updated Apple Watch” post as well. I’m kinda excited actually; it’s tremendous fun to witness new computing platforms evolve and change like we saw during the last 6-7 years in smartphones.