What Did I Do Last Night?

Luke Hopewell at Gizmodo AU:

I don’t know where I am. Looking around at the crowd in this room isn’t helping. Beautiful people are strewn around like confetti at a graduation. Stoli vodka is flowing out of bottles and into cocktails and the young, hip single-set are all here to out-Instagram each other until they’re too drunk to slide to unlock. Supposedly, I’m here for a tech event, but I wouldn’t have known otherwise if you hadn’t told me.

Godamn, I really enjoyed this. I wish tech journos would do more gonzo-style pieces like this, because they’re the ones I most enjoy. It’s a wake-up call to me, actually; that’s the kind of shit I want to write more.

Sometimes, I get this feeling like I’m isolated from the Australian tech scene by virtue of being in Brisbane. But you know what? I should stop being such a baby. Maybe that distance is a good thing.

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