We finally know what the fu#k ‘Death Stranding’ is all about

From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes an all new, genre defining experience for PlayStation 4. Besieged by death’s tide at every turn, Sam Bridges must brave a world utterly transformed by the Death Stranding.

Only a Hideo Kojima game would need its own microsite to explain exactly what it was about. I’ve tried to understand (and enjoy) three Metal Gear Solid titles and still have no idea why I watched a 20 minute cut-scene of some guy frying an egg.

Love him or hate him Hideo Kojima is a name that makes everyone’s ears prick up and in the lead up to his first game post Konami we have all the hallmarks expected of a Kojima production. Obscure story, a lack of gameplay details and an air of grandiose that could, if it were anyone else, come back and bite you squarely in the ass.

Now, six months out from its release, we’re getting our first real glimpse of what Death Stranding is all about. Essentially controlling Darryl from The Walking Dead with a baby strapped to you that can talk to dead things you wonder around a vast open world completing tasks to save humanity from its impending annihilation.

There’s a crazy amount of supernatural going on. People are rising up from the dead all over the place. There are ghosts that float about when it rains that you can’t see, but the baby connected to you can. It’s just batshit but that’s exactly what you’d expect.

Gameplay wise it looks a lot like a Metal Gear Solid with a lot of stealth style movements as well as a more exploratory element to it allowing you to scale larger areas of open landscape with what appears to be a magical ladder that Mary Poppins might own.

There’s so much to unfold in the 9 minute “trailer” that even on my third watch through I’m largely lost as to how I feel about it.

Available to pre-order now, you can reserve your copy via the PSN Store with physical editions available with your local store.

Source: Death Stranding | PS4 Games | PlayStation

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