Wallet with integrated iPhone charger announced

Nomad ensures that you’ll never forget your wallet again as the company has designed a wallet with an iPhone battery integrated into its design. The company managed to keep the billfold the same size as your traditional wallet by placing the battery into the spine of the wallet and removing all the unnecessary bulk.

Yes this is a really nice looking product and a good solution if you are forever carrying one of the many different phone charging devices out there at the moment.

But for me, what it highlights is just how ridiculous it is that products like this even need to exist! Our lust for the thin has grown to insane levels of stupidity sacrificing function along the way.

Here’s a bold move for the next iPhone: don’t make it thinner! Hell make it thicker by a few mm and give everyone a whole 2 days of battery life so we can all party like it’s 1999 again.

Source: Nomad designs a billfold with an integrated battery – Acquire

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