Vodafone AU Removes the VIP Rope Across Their 4G Network

A heads up from Vodafone [PDF]:

Vodafone is today inviting new customers across metropolitan Australia onto its new superfast 4G network less than a month after launching to existing customers.

Finally. One of my criticisms of Vodafone’s 4G network is that the roll-out to customers once it was launched, was slow and unpredictable as to when you’d actually get it as an existing customer. But as of today, if you have a 4G compatible device (something that supports 1800MHz LTE) and a Vodafone account with data enabled, you should have 4G access in the 4G coverage areas (if you don’t, contact Vodafone and ask what’s up).

Vodafone are also allowing new customers to sign up for plans and pre-paid services with 4G access. So if you’re keen to see what Vodafone’s network is like now, go for it. You can check the areas with 4G coverage on the Vodafone website. Their 30-day network guarantee is still in action, by the way.

I’ll be doing some more detailed network testing around Melbourne (a little more than just Ookla’s Speedtest app) over the next week also. Keep an eye on Reckoner for that nerd-fest of SNR, CQI, RSRP and RSRQs soon.