Vodafone Releases iPhone 5s and 5c Plans

Today Vodafone became the 2nd Australian carrier to announce pricing for their iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c plans, with a range of 12 and 24 month options on their new Vodafone Red pricing structure.

Prices for the iPhone 5C 16GB start at $67 a month for the lowest Red 65 plan (which gives you 1.5GB data, infinite calls & texts) and rises to $72 a month for the iPhone 5s.

I’ve put together a sortable spreadsheet & some graphs that show you the total costs over both 12 and 24 months for each model & plan. You can also check out our mega-spreadsheet version here [iPhone 5s & 5c Plans] which contains all the iPhone plan details for all carriers.

PlanMthsiPhoneMonthly ($)DataCalls ($)Total ($)
Voda 65 Red125c 16GB951500Infinite1140
Voda 80 Red125c 16GB1042500Infinite1248
Voda 100 Red125c 16GB1165000Infinite1392
Voda 65 Red245c 16GB671500Infinite1608
Voda 80 Red245c 16GB802500Infinite1920
Voda 100 Red245c 16GB1005000Infinite2400
Voda 65 Red125c 32GB1051500Infinite1260
Voda 80 Red125c 32GB1142500Infinite1368
Voda 100 Red125c 32GB1265000Infinite1512
Voda 65 Red245c 32GB721500Infinite1728
Voda 80 Red245c 32GB802500Infinite1920
Voda 100 Red245c 32GB1005000Infinite2400
Voda 65 Red125s 16GB1051500Infinite1260
Voda 80 Red125s 16GB1142500Infinite1368
Voda 100 Red125s 16GB1265000Infinite1512
Voda 65 Red245s 16GB721500Infinite1728
Voda 80 Red245s 16GB802500Infinite1920
Voda 100 Red245s 16GB1005000Infinite2400
Voda 65 Red125s 32GB1161500Infinite1392
Voda 80 Red125s 32GB1252500Infinite1500
Voda 100 Red125s 32GB1375000Infinite1644
Voda 65 Red245s 32GB771500Infinite1848
Voda 80 Red245s 32GB862500Infinite2064
Voda 100 Red245s 32GB1005000Infinite2400
Voda 65 Red125s 64GB1271500Infinite1524
Voda 80 Red125s 64GB1362500Infinite1632
Voda 100 Red125s 64GB1485000Infinite1776
Voda 65 Red245s 64GB831500Infinite1992
Voda 80 Red245s 64GB922500Infinite2208
Voda 100 Red245s 64GB1045000Infinite2496


You can also read their official press release here [Vodafone iPhone 5c/5s Plans – PDF].

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