Vodafone Red Plans

Vodafone Australia has annouced Red, their new plans focused around providing less “corporate bullshit” and more customer support.

Want a phone? Their handset plans are 24 month contracts, and all come bundled with 4G access, infinite calls (to landlines & mobiles), texts and a $15 handset charge. The difference will mainly be in the data allowance:

  • $65 for 1.5GB
  • $80 for 2.5GB
  • $100 for 5GB

Vodafone has not yet specified which handsets will be available at each of those levels just yet.

Have a phone already? Your plan will be $15 a month cheaper. You also get to ditch the 24 month contract requirement.

Customers connected via Red also get a fairly unique feature; you are priority routed to Vodafone’s local call centre in Hobart. You can also get on board with their new $5 a day international roaming option, for when you’re traveling.

According to Vodafone’s blog, plans launch tomorrow online and in store.