Vodafone Red Plans in Spreadsheet Form

Vodafone added their new Red plans this morning, so I thought I’d make a little spreadsheet and break down the options in detail. You can view it here.

Contrary to what I originally thought, they are offering handsets on any level with additional handset charges. I’ve done prices for:

  • iPhone 4S (16GB)
  • iPhone 5 (16GB + 32GB)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 (16GB)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II (16GB)
  • HTC One (32GB)
  • Nokia Lumia 925 (32GB)

I’ve also sourced some outright handset prices (from Harvey Norman and Apple) so you can see the price difference in plan vs. BYO handset over the same duration. These are not definitive (you can definitely get outright phones from elsewhere), but is a good starting point for comparison.