Victorian speed cameras infected by WannaCry virus have fines cancelled

Victoria Police has taken the extraordinary step of cancelling all fines issued by speed and red-light cameras hit by the “WannaCry’ computer virus.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Ross Guenther made the announcement on Friday afternoon, saying about 55 cameras were affected by the the WannaCry ransomware virus between June 6 and June 22.

The cameras, most of them in inner-city Melbourne, issued 590 speed and red-light fines during that time.

In a massive back-pedal after yesterday announcing fines were still valid when admitting to the camera’s infections, Victoria Police today say they’re not.

Not being a lawyer my guess is – had they continued with the fines they would’ve likely faced 590 challenges to them. Each contesting the camera’s validity as they were effectively hacked. Just wasn’t worth the fight.

Source: Victoria Police cancel hundreds of speeding fines after WannaCry virus attack

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