Victoria to build the southern hemisphere’s largest battery

Spurred on by SA's groundbreaking initiative

In a giant F-U to South Australia, Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio, has announced the development of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest battery farm. Unimaginatively named the “Victorian Big Battery”.

The 300 megawatt lithium-ion battery farm will be installed near the Moorabool Terminal Station, just outside Geelong. It’s been designed to bolster Victoria’s ageing coal plants and assure a consistent delivery of power to Victorian homes leading into the future.

D’Ambrosio is also touting that with introduction of the new battery Victorians could see a reduction in their at home power costs with wholesale costs reducing.

It’s not just Victoria that could benefit from the battery’s construction. During higher peak summer months the battery will reserve a portion of its capacity with the remaining overflow serving NSW.

Source: Premier of Victoria – Media Centre

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