Velvet: Aussie developed ‘Uber for WiFi’

David Poxon, a software engineer and PhD student at the Queensland University of Technology, has invented a device that enables homes to sell their leftover data on a separate Wi-Fi network.

He’s calling it “Uber for telcos”.

First rule of Startup club: Call your thing the “Uber” of whatever. Pretty much guarantees investors at the moment.

It’s an interesting concept. Shell out A$60 for the hotspot that sits on-top of your existing WiFi and then potentially make money from it. By the looks of what little information there is out there about the service you’ll need people around you (within range of the hotspot of course) to see the shared “Velvet” network, connect to it, buy data, and then browse.

I’ve reached out for more info and the possibility of a review unit but I worry without a large amount of audience education now one will know to connect to the hotspot to earn you data.

Would you connect to the network “Velvet”?

Source: Sell your unused data: Brisbane entrepreneur invents Wi-Fi sharing device

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