US insurer State Farm sues Apple for house fire

According to State Farm, preliminary investigations of the alleged faulty device shows evidence of a “significant and localized heating event” near the battery, as well as remnants of internal shorting. The signs indicate that an internal failure caused the fire, the complaint reads.

State Farm and [co-plaintiff Xai] Thao are leveling two counts against Apple, the first alleging that the iPhone 4S in question was defective when it reached Thao’s hands. A second cause of action argues negligence on Apple’s part for designing, manufacturing, and placing the device in circulation.

Not that Apple shouldn’t be held accountable if it is in fact their faulty phone/battery that started a fire but god forbid an insurance company actually pay out for an insurance claim.

Instead one of America’s largest insurance companies is taking America’s largest company to court hoping for a quick and easy payout.

This one could go on for a long time but it will be interesting to see the hardware reports as Apple have a history of proving these fires aren’t their fault, while other manufacturers cough Samsung cough might just love it if it were.

Source: State Farm sues Apple over house fire allegedly caused by ‘defective’ iPhone

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