Twitter’s Moments

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A FEW MONTHS ago, a team at Twitter began to test a new feature. Codenamed Project Lightning, this project was an attempt at making Twitter easier to understand, especially if you’re not a power user, or new to the platform entirely. “When you jump into Twitter,” says Madhu Muthukumar, a product manager at Twitter, “things are already mid-stream. Because you’re not on Twitter most of the day. So when you get there, the odds that something started the second you got there is low.” Internally, they thought providing a better sense of context and history might go a long way toward getting people up to speed.

Great overview of Moments by David Pierce at Wired. I’m looking forward to trying it out, though it’s US only, and native app only. I hope both those limitations will change, but I won’t hold my breath for third party app support.

Source: Meet Moments, Twitter’s Most Important New Feature Ever | WIRED