Twitter to ban all political advertising

Twitter will ban all political advertising […] in a move that will increase pressure on Facebook over its controversial stance to allow politicians to advertise false statements

If you read the headline and walked away you’d probably be thinking, “Well fuck me, ol’ Jack might finally be doing something good?!”

That’d be a reasonable thought. Trump’s pissed off about it, so you know it’s probably for the better of mankind and the current political climate.

Then you read how Jack did it and what he said and you’re like, “Well fuck me, ol’ Jack is being ol’ Jack.”

Essentially the change does little to curb Twitter as a platform. Whilst no paid direct political advertising will be allowed, you’re encouraged almost to spew vitriol, hate, lies and bigotry as much as you like to any followers you have. They won’t check you on that.

Could be worse but, you could be Facebook who still take your money for anything you want to say and go so far as to exempt political ads from third-party factchecking like everything else?! WTF?

Source: Twitter to ban all political advertising, raising pressure on Facebook | Technology | The Guardian

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