Twitter Archive Eraser is now available for macOS

We help you clean up your Twitter profile by deleting tweets, Favorites and Direct Messages—while keeping your account, followers, and best performing tweets.

Blow away your entire Twitter history with the click of a button!

I’ve started doing this on annually, not because I’m out there on a tweeting rampage saying I shouldn’t but because there’s no real reason to have random shite I said about the burger I ate a decade ago milling around the internets forever either.

For many, say the eight or so politicians dumped by their respective party for being total wankers on social media, I dare say the arrival of Twitter Archive Eraser on Mac couldn’t have come sooner!

Side note. It’s been available on Windows for ages, the Mac version has just been a long time coming! Yipee!

Source: Twitter Archive Eraser: Delete Tweets, Favorites & Direct Messages Automatically