Turns out all 3 billion Yahoo accounts were affected by 2013 breach

Yahoo on Tuesday said that every single Yahoo account was affected by a data breach that took place in 2013.

In 2016, Yahoo disclosed that more than one billion of about three billion accounts had likely been affected by the hack. In its disclosure Tuesday, the company said all accounts were likely victimized.

Call me skeptical but with the Verizon acquisition and name change complete it’s interesting timing that Yahoo/Oath is now admitting further fault.

Every single Yahoo account was breached. Slight oversight I’d say, and when 1 billion becomes 3 that’s a hell of a problem.

Yahoo have said today that they will begin notifying customers who weren’t previously notified and reminded everyone that they took steps to protect all accounts last December, not just the one billion believed affected.

Source: Yahoo: every single account, 3 billion people, affected in 2013 attack