Turnbull’s NBN is slower & more expensive leaked doc reveals


The report, marked “commercial in confidence” and “for official use only”, sets out a litany of problems in delivering the Coalition’s supposedly more budget-friendly fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) model.

The snapshot says NBN Co has achieved 29,005 fibre-to-the-node “construction completions”, while noting its internally budgeted target for this period was more than three times this at 94,273.

Also noted in the report is  a rise in the cost per connection of design and construction, which has now reached $1366, compared with the target price of $1114 – a 23 per cent increase.

I think the most damning part of this “alleged” internal report is the cost per connection via FTTN is now more than FTTP. The Liberal government campaigned an NBN for cheaper and rolled out faster and they’re falling very, very short on those promises.

The only thing we can hope for now is Google Fibre decides to buy it when the government fattens it up for sale.

Source: PM’s budget NBN falls behind budget

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