Trump taking credit for US based Intel factory started in 2011

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich stood beside President Donald Trump in the Oval Office and announced that his company would spend [an additional] $7 billion to build a semiconductor factory in Arizona [that started construction in 2011].

The fact that the $7 billion investment was announced today, when Trump is president, seems to be purely coincidental. Intel told CNBC that it’s receiving no federal incentives for the project, so it really seems like the Trump administration had no role in making this factory happen. That’s relevant for two reasons: for one, it’s yet another example of Trump getting credit for creating jobs when he in fact played no role; and two, it means that Intel is being pretty opportunistic.

Just a few teeny tiny points there that they failed to mention.

Intel it appears is looking for a tax break in playing nice next to big boy poo-poo-pants (Trump).

Source: Intel is giving Trump credit for a factory he had nothing to do with – The Verge

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