Trump has Twitter account hacked by Dutch security researcher

Dutch security researcher, Victor Gevers, claims he “hacked” Donald Trump’s Twitter account by simply guessing his password, twice!

Trump’s Twitter account reportedly had no enhanced security features like MFA enabled, which allowed the researcher to simply tap away with the most basic of brute-force attacks simply guessing the President’s super-secret password “maga2020!”.

Gevers then did his best to notify US authorities reaching out the White House, FBI, CIA and others highlighting the simplicity he was able to log into the President’s account.

This wasn’t the first time Gevers had logged into Trump’s Twitter account either. Back in 2016 he guessed Trump’s then password “yourefired“.

Twitter disagree with Gevers and the Dutch published article, saying there was “no evidence to corroborate the claim”.

I’m going to choose to believe it though, just because it sounds so plausible given Trump’s refusal to abide by any security standards from the phone he uses to the briefings he supposedly doesn’t read.