There’s a new, confusing, tiny Palm phone out today

…it’s a tiny phone to keep you from using your big phone, but it could do all the things your big one can do if you wanted (but you shouldn’t because the whole idea is to get you to be a little less obsessed with your phone). It’s like a phone for your phone.

First of all, it has absolutely nothing to do with the Palm of old beyond the name printed on the back of the phone.

Second, it’s limited to Verizon customers in the US only at this stage, and sold as an add-on to an existing phone plan. Kind of like having a cellular version of the Apple Watch is here in Aus.

Third, it’s a smaller smartphone with weaker internals that lead to a terrible user-experience that’s for some reason supposed to encourage you to detach from your normal phone more.

I’m not sure they’ve got the marketing tact right on this one. I’d much rather invest in a Lite Phone to have for when I’m out running or at a festival or going out. The new Palm phone is just kinda weird. Good luck selling these at US$349 a pop!

Source: The new Palm is a tiny phone to keep you away from your phone – The Verge

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