There’s a floating Apple store in Singapore

Apple are set to unveil the opening of a third Apple Store in Singapore with one very big difference from its predecessors. It’s on the water!

Referred to as “The lantern on the bay” the new store is a spherical pontoon anchored in Singapore’s prestigious bay district to be known officially as “Apple Marina Bay Sands“.

Despite having no official opening date set the store is on full display in Singapore’s harbour with an equally dazzling lighting scheme to match Singapore’s majestic night skyline.

Apple Marina Bay Sands is a gleaming orb resting on the waters of Singapore’s bayfront. During the day, the store’s glass panels reflect the towering skyline of the Downtown Core and motion of the rippling water.
At night, the sphere glows with a gentle warmth, evoking the design of traditional lanterns carried during Singapore’s Mid-Autumn Festival.