There goes Jony (Ive)

The legendary designer is starting a new creative agency and signing Apple as its client.

I don’t think there’s anyone (Apple fan or not) that could argue against how important Johnathan Ive has been to the forwarding of technology design.

The designer behind the iMac, iPod & the iPhone, between Ive & Jobs, Apple resurrected themselves from bankruptcy to trillions.

Joined by prolific Australian designer Marc Newson, Ive’s new venture “LoveFrom” takes on Apple as one of its first clients but affords the knight (yes he received a knighthood) the opportunity to explore design beyond its boundaries.

Ive’s departure (or “transition”) away from Apple, will undoubtably leave a large hole in the company. With that said it also opens a huge opportunity for the company to step up and break out of what has largely become repetitive or conformist after mass-market adoption in recent years.

Source: Jony Ive Is Leaving Apple | WIRED

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