The White Glove: How Celebrities End Up With Samsung Devices

Shane Snow at FastCompany:

Brunetti was a victim–or perhaps benefactor–of a Samsung program known as “White Glove.” It’s a marketing effort designed to convert Apple-slinging celebrities and business influencers into Samsung evangelists. When Beyoncé whips out her phone on the street in Brooklyn, Korea’s largest business conglomerate wants the paparazzi to see that she’s playing Words With Friends on a Samsung.

Brunetti had become an outspoken evangelist for Samsung products among his circle of acquaintances in Hollywood and often talks about them unsolicited. As more of his friends switched to Samsung, his Apple holdout colleagues slowly watched the text messages on their phones change from blue (iMessage) to green (SMS).

It was no surprise, then, when White Glove approached Brunetti about hosting a dinner party of his own.

Ooh, that’s kind of creepy.