The UK illegally spied on its citizens for 17 years


GCHQ’s bulk collection, which includes collecting a year’s worth of location records and call data from every cell phone in Britain, was kept secret from the public and outside the reach of courts. The result was a massive violation of the nation’s privacy, made public only after unauthorized disclosures by a whistleblower [Snowden]…

[…] years after the initial Snowden disclosures and months after the Privacy International lawsuit was filed — the GCHQ’s bulk collection program was changed to include more disclosure on the underlying policies, rendering it legal without affecting the underlying operations. As a result, nothing has to change.

If anyone is naive enough to still believe that ours or any other government isn’t monitoring everything you do as much as they can you’re an idiot.

This just goes to show that after they’re found out and dragged through court they’re just going to keep on doing it.

Source: UK admits it spied illegally for 17 years, is sorry, won’t stop – The Verge

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