The state of eSIM in Australia

Now that all three carriers – Optus, Vodafone and Telstra – support eSIM, you can choose to move your service to an eSIM, freeing up the plastic SIM slot for another service…

There’s a couple of reasons I wanted to share this around. First, fellow tech-head Beau Giles, has done a great job rounding up all the info about eSIMs in Australia.

His short piece is extremely informative and despite them being around for a little while already most people aren’t aware of them or their benefits. Perhaps with the introduction of the iPhone 11 and the fact all 3 telcos now offer eSIMs we’ll see an uptick in their use in Australia.

Secondly. Beau hails from a small country town in the middle of nowhere, just a short trip from my home town. Eyre Peninsula represent!

Source: The state of eSIM in Australia | Beau Giles

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