The PlayStation 5 will arrive November 2020

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Wired’s second exclusive with the console manufacturer has Sony slowly stoking the fires of the hype train a year out from their new console’s release.

There was more time dedicated to its magical SSD but the only real insight offered centred around the console’s long-lived controller the DualShock.

The new PS5 coupled controller will shift from a rumble mechanism to a haptic one. It will also include the ability for developers to control the resistance of its trigger buttons. They’re calling them “adaptive triggers” and will make things like a car’s accelerator feel different depending on the model you’re driving or tense up as you pull back an arrow in a bow.

Other tidbits include some talk around  their new real-time UI (but nothing is shown) and confirming tech such as ray-tracing acceleration.

Expect there to be a bucket load more info to spill out over the coming year albeit at a very controlled and pain-staking pace.

How are you feeling about the PS5? Excited? Meh? Too far away?

Source: Exclusive: A Deeper Look at the PlayStation 5—Haptics, UI Facelift, and More | WIRED