The new Razer Core X external GPU case brings Mac compatibility

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Now compatible with Mac and Windows laptops, featuring 3-slot PCI-Express desktop graphic cards, 650W power supply, and charges via USB-C.

The new version is also a crap tonne cheaper at US$299 instead of it’s big brother at US$499. You lose out on an ethernet connection and USB but you gain a bigger power supply, thunderbolt connectivity and support for a larger 3 slot GPU. Oh and lights, no gamer lights for you! I do not see an issue here…

The biggest feature of the Core X is of course its macOS compatibility. The downside of it however it that support is limited to AMD GPUs only.

Available to order today expect the Core X to be in your hands come late June.

Source: Razer Core X – Thunderboltâ„¢ 3 eGPU