The new Asus ZenBook Pro’s touchpad has a screen

Image: The Verge

Unveiled at Computex 2018, the Asus ZenBook Pro is the new pinnacle of Asus’ premium laptop range, and it comes with an attention-grabbing new feature: a smartphone-sized touchscreen in the place of the regular touchpad.

They’re calling it the “ScreenPad”. The Verge has a full hands on preview and their reviewer describes it as being “not terrible” it’s hardly a glowing endorsement.

The ScreenPad is controlled via a cursor and not just a tap and activate sort of deal, which when you think about it makes sense because it’s still being used as your mouse/touchpad.

I’ll reserve judgement until I get hands on myself and hats off to ASUS for innovating. At least they didn’t remove a bunch of keys that people rely on to do it!

Source: Asus replaced the new ZenBook Pro’s touchpad with a touchscreen – The Verge

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