The new 100″ Hisense L5F Laser TV kicks off a new era in short throw projection

Hisense are one of the very few players in the short throw projection market. Last year they brought them to Australia at a cost-prohibitive entry point, but launching this month, the new 100″ L5F comes in at a quarter of the price.

I’m an old school nerd. I’ve always wanted to one day have that gigantic theatre experience covering a wall in my home, but want it to retain those rich colours and high resolution experience that projectors, rear projection TVs and short throw projection just haven’t been able to live up to.

The new Hisense L5F brings a new, affordable, 100″ 4K laser option into the mix that has more than peaked my interest.

Retailing for A$6,999 it’s already available for $1k less at JB Hi Fi, shifting into a comparable range with high-end 75″ OLEDs from other manufacturers.

The L5F bundle includes the short throw laser projector and a anti-reflective matt 100″ screen to be mounted just above it. The unit, which looks like a high end audio receiver pushes its projection upwards onto the screen and comes with 4 HDMI ports, ARC and a couple of 30W speakers that you’d likely be desperate to use.

Naturally any projection can’t compete with the pure blacks of OLED but demoed in a light drenched living room the L5F does an admirable job with a less washed feel than expected.

If anyone from Hisense is reading, send me one to review!