The LG Wing is every bit as bananas as you could hope for


Smartphones have become boring. A glass fronted candy bar form factor is something that I’ve seen a hundred times over the past decade and appear to be unchallenged by foldable fads more akin to 3D TVs. And then along comes LG.

Announced today LG’s new “Wing” phone is a new take on a tiresome and very safe design. Unlike foldables the Wing’s screen rotates a full 90 degrees revealing a second smaller screen beneath. In a “T” like form factor the Wing brings an entirely new experience to a smartphone.

The brain child of LG’s new “Explorer Project” division the Wing aims to bring different approaches to how you might use a smartphone, better suited to the day to day tasks people now use them for.

An example shown was holding the phone as normal with its screen rotate to record video in a normal landscape format with gimbal controls on the phone’s second screen.

LG demonstrated a series of apps already adapted to take advantage of the new form factor including YouTube and Ficto, showing video playing on the rotated main 6.8″ OLED and other the phone functions on the smaller 3.9″ display.

Spec wise the Wing brings a 5G solution with a Snapdragon 765G along with 8GB RAM and the usual trio-array of cameras on its rear. The front facing camera continues the whacky however using a pop-up 32MP camera to not be obscured by the phone’s rotating display.

Currently there are only plans announced to bring the phone to Korea in October with placeholders for America and Europe. No details around an Australian release have been made public.

For more information about the LG Wing visit its website here.

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