The Leica T: The Aluminium Unibody Camera

Lecia T

Andy Westlake at Digital Photography Review:

This year marks Leica’s 100th birthday as a camera maker and, to celebrate, the venerable German manufacturer has launched an all-new camera system. Perhaps unexpectedly, though, Leica hasn’t taken the obvious route and embraced the current fashion for ‘retro’ design with an interchangeable-lens version of its X Vario APS-C compact. Instead the Leica T is an innovative camera that combines photographer-friendly twin-dial control with a bang-up-to-date touchscreen interface.

I’ve been reading all about the Leica T over the last couple days. The camera body is fashioned out of a single block of hand polished aluminium, and looks gorgeous. Somewhat controversially, the back is dominated by a huge touchscreen which controls all the camera functions, with only 2 hardware dials for on-the-fly adjustments.

Steve Huff wrote a mammoth 10,000 word review and paired it up with a 34-minute video walkthrough going through every part of the camera. Go check it out if you want to see the camera in action.

The Leica T is certainly very nice, but like anything Leica, it ain’t cheap at US$1,850 for the body alone. Oof, even the electronic viewfinder is $US595.