The Huawei trade ban might be lifted?

The Huawei trade ban has now been lifted by President Trump as trade deal talks are set to re-open with China in the coming weeks.

Like most things with the Trump government, no one has a clue whether banned company Huawei can or can’t buy US products at the moment.

Over the weekend Trump announced that the ban would be lifted, but that has since been clarified by the people stuck implementing what he randomly spouts. It’s now believed that Huawei will NOT be removed from the DoC’s Entity List, but instead will have more exemptions added that would allow certain trade.

The backflipping nature of Trumps announcement was heavily criticised over the weekend as the US President seemingly reversed a decision that was supposedly based on “security risks”, but more and more appears to be the bargaining chip in the larger US/Chine trade war (just as we all suspected).

National Economic Council chairman Larry Kudlow has stated Trump’s behind-door agreement with Chinese President Xi “is not the last word”, eluding to the fact no real deal is done and Trump’s statement was poorly worded and that instead, “All that is going to happen is Commerce will grant some additional licenses”.

Source: Huawei trade ban to be lifted, can trade with US companies – 9to5Google

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