The Google Clips camera is the most interesting thing to come out of their event today

Clips is fascinating because it’s so difficult to categorize. It’s not a GoPro or an action cam. It’s not a security camera. It’s not as good as your phone at taking high-quality pictures. It doesn’t have a viewfinder, and the shutter button is literally an afterthought. The AI is ultimately making most decisions for you.

…you turn it on by twisting the lens, then you set it down and forget about it. Clips then watches everything it sees in its 130-degree field of view, and records little seven-second moving images of stuff it finds interesting. It learns faces over time and tries to take more photos of those people and fewer photos of strangers. It can also recognize pets.

Google announced new phones, Chromebooks and Home speakers big & small but this little camera called “Clips” takes the cake.

Run purely by it’s AI the camera literally takes photos when it thinks it should on your behalf. It does have a shutter button if you what to archaically force it to take a shot but this is 2017, who does that anymore?!

Google admits it’s aiming this one entirely at parents (of pets and children) and apparently hoping they’ve got deep pockets. Google Clips will set you back US$249 when it’s released later in the year.

If you’d like to know more about all of the product announcements The Verge have cut down the two hour long presentation into 19 minutes which you can watch below.

Source: The Google Clips camera puts AI behind the lens – The Verge


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