The father of Android unveils his new company’s first products

Former Google executive and Android creator Andy Rubin on Monday revealed the first products from his new company Essential, including the Home assistant, which reportedly supports multiple smarthome platforms including Apple’s HomeKit.

Another one added to the mix. It’s an interesting take on the very busy Smart-speaker market. There’s a lot to like about the new Essential “Home”. A big focus on privacy, things not circling through the cloud unless absolutely necessary, activation that can be done by “glancing” at it, which adds a new dimension we’ve not seen before.

Also announced by Essential in their new “anti-iPhone”?! Low and behold it’s an Android phone with some pretty good, but relatively standard specs. The more interesting part is a magnetic connector system on its rear that allow you to “snap” on accessories – the first of which is a 360 degree camera.

Source: Andy Rubin’s Essential announces first devices, including Apple HomeKit-ready assistant