The Earth is flat & now there’s a GoFundMe campaign to prove it!

[Rapper B.o.B] has started a GoFundMe campaign to find Earth’s curve and see if our planet is actually round (and not a flat disc hanging in space as flat Earthers typically believe).

B.o.B.’s campaign says the plan is to “launch multiple satellites into space” in order to observe, and try to disprove, what centuries of science and technology have already confirmed. All he needs is a small investment of $200,000 dollars (and launch approval, of course).

In a world where Donald Trump is president is it any wonder we have a growing campaign of “flat Earthers” stopping at nothing to disprove a millennia of science? I’d love to see the cross section of anti-vaxers and flat-Earthers. There has to be large overlap in that venn diagram surely.

“Prominent” (and those are huge, gigantic, C-grade celebrity air quotes there) flat-Earthers in addition to B.o.B whom are behind the movement include: Tila Tequila (reality star), Sammy Watkins (NFL player) and Kyrie Irving (NBA player).

Sadly this seems to be the exact demographic of people Americans love to listen to the most, proved by their currently elected President.

As of writing the flat-Earther’s satellite campaign has raised just US$500 of their $200k goal. Sadly $500 more than they deserve to, in my opinion.

Source: B.o.B has started a GoFundMe to prove the Earth is flat – CNN


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