The Commodore64 jumps on the minified cash train

THEC64® Mini, a 50% replica of the of the world’s bestselling home computer that launched in 1982, comes pre-loaded with 64 classic games and THEC64® Joystick.

This is an obvious cash grab, I’m fully aware of that, but just like the NES and the SNES mini that came before I find myself drawn to it.

I know I could just install an emulator and run the games on anything from a RPi to probably an iPhone at this point but who can be bothered with that. Clearly not a lot of people given the sales of Nintendo’s minified boxes.

It’s extensive game list is calling to me… like a moth to the flame. How can I resist the games of my youth like Boulder Dash, Monty on the Run, Speedball 1 & 2, California Games, and more.

THEC64 Mini is launching October 9th but there’s no word on pricing as yet and slated only for a North American release at this point.